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My $33,000 Career Pivot

I am thrilled and ecstatic about my future and the new opportunity!
Tamila Harris
Organization Transformation Consultant

So tell me Tamila, what was your career like before you started your career coaching program with Chareen?
Although I was told that I was doing well, on the right track, and utilizing the resources that were available to me, I still felt that I was missing something and was not truly where I needed to be within my career. I had accomplished a great deal at the time and still felt as if there was something deeper within me that I needed to come out in order for me to unleash my greatest potential.

Did you achieve the goals/results you were looking for from the coaching engagement? 
Absolutely! After just one discussion with Chareen, I knew I needed her services. I am sure she was shocked by how quickly I made up my mind but it was evident that her philosophy was exactly what I was seeking for: Birthing Internal Greatness. We all have it within us; I just needed to know the route to get me there. After completing just a few working sessions, my level of confidence and capabilities amplified at a such an accelerated rate! I went from working at a company where I was questioning my own worth, capabilities, and future value to accepting an offer from one of the most prestigious consulting firms in the world in less than a month of utilizing Chareen’s coaching services.

Tamila, please rate on a scale of 1 to 10, how career coaching has helped you meet your goals. 

10! The interview session went really well! I was very confident, at ease, and really ignited my BIG. The interviews were natural conversations and I did not find myself getting stuck or choked up at all. I am happy I went through the process of telling my story and identifying key works because I utilized them a lot during the interview.

What exactly did you like most about coaching with Chareen?
I really enjoyed completing each exercise/worksheet and our session calls. As I am a critical thinker, each session required me to dig deep within myself and be honest with my responses. It’s not always easy to take a hard look at oneself, but in order for me to reach the level I am at today, it required true honest and self-awareness. Lastly, I am a very spiritual person. Each session we opened with prayer which always set the atmosphere for a powerful session!

Can you name 1 or 2 things that would have made your coaching experience better? Want to make sure you are well taken care of.
Because my experience was on a stringent timeline, the coaching sessions were spot on! If I was to have had more flexibility and time, I would have loved to have met in person.

What was your biggest fear before hiring Chareen as your coach? Did it come true, and if not, what happened instead?
I honestly had no fear of hiring Chareen. The only fear was my own internal fear of not knowing the outcome. I did overcome this fear throughout the course of our program.

We all have choices, so what made you choose career coaching over anything else you could have done to reach your goal?
I initially came to Chareen because her and I had very similar backgrounds. I actually wanted to come to her for mentorship. During our first coffee meet, she gracefully broke down the difference between mentors, sponsors, and coaches. Once this was revealed and I assessed it with my situation at hand, I then knew I needed a coach to help me reach what I was aiming for within my career.

Tamila, did you have concerns about spending money on a Career Coach? Please give the juicy details.
I did not have a concern financially. I have made several financial investments within my career and they had paid off tremendously. I am even more excited to say that with the investment in career coaching with Chareen, my salary has increased by 40%!

What surprised you the most or made you the happiest about investing in career coaching with Chareen? Curious minds want to know.
Every encounter in my life happens for a reason. I briefly connected with Chareen in December 2017 via an Uber driver who informed me of her services. Within just 2 minutes of conversing with her, I knew I had to meet her and get to know her. I wasn’t even sure about coaching, I just knew her spirit was genuine. After finally connecting with her in person and revealing to her my current issues and where I wanted to be in the future, she clearly articulated my situation and provided a brief game plan to help me reach my goals. Even when time was no longer on my side, she crafted a customized program just for me to ENSURE I met the new goals that were presented to me. I was ecstatic that she even considered making time for me when my program went from 3 months to 4 weeks. Nevertheless, she coached me to the finish line and I am eternally grateful for her dedication, passion, and wisdom.

What were the before and after results in terms of financial increase as a result of your coaching with Chareen?
I went from making $59,000 to $92,000.

Can you think of 1 to 3 specific results have you gained since we started coaching together?

  1. My level of confidence
  2. Financial increase
  3. My Leadership capabilities

What about 1 to 3 unexpected insights, breakthroughs or “aha” moments you’ve gotten since we started coaching together?

  1. My leadership capabilities and how well I am positioned within my career
  2. The power of my words (which will help me a long way within my new career =))

So now, what is your life like now that you’ve experienced career coaching? Give me the highlights!
I am even more intentional about what I do and say because it is a direct reflection of the internal greatness that I possess; I am practicing self-awareness more; Although I have established relationships, I am focusing more on sustaining meaningful relationships especially at the company I left because they have aided in nurturing me within my career.

Is working with a career coach something you see continuing with in the future?
Yes. Although everything has been moving at a very fast pace, it is all falling into place.

If you were to recommend Chareen to your best friend, what would you say?
Chareen is very passionate about her craft. She is genuine, wise, and patient. If you really want to reach the next level within your career or reach your next goal, you have to want it and be ready to do whatever it takes to get what you want. Just after a few weeks of her coaching and an ambitious mindset, I was able to reach and exceed my own expectations with the help of Chareen. She was truly a blessing and I know if you have a similar mindset, she will help you Birth your Internal Greatness as well.

And after being bombarded with all these questions, is there anything else you’d like to express at this time? 🙂
Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! You are the greatest!!!