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Are You Looking for an Inspiring Leadership Speaker for Your Upcoming Conference, Summit, Seminar, Retreat or Virtual Event?

Then Book Chareen Goodman, The Leadership Mixologist™ to Speak.

Would you like to hire Chareen to speak at your next conference, retreat, seminar or virtual event? Chareen has worked successfully with a variety of audiences including women’s organizations, nonprofits, businesses, associations, foundations, young professionals groups, fellowship programs, universities and civic groups.

Excellent presentation as usual Chareen! I really like the way you engage people. You would have made an excellent teacher as well. You know how to work with difficult individuals. That’s a talent.

Martin Brown, Marketing Manager

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Thanks so much for your interest in having me to speak at your event. Please complete the Request For Speaker Form below so I have a bit more information in which to ignite and inspire your audience.

My Signature Talks Include:

When It Comes to Having the Success that You Want… Don’t Be Afraid to Call the Shot!

Success in any capacity is a journey of choices. If you operate from an ‘internal locus of control’ that means you recognize and understand that you are 100% responsible for the quality of life that you create for yourself and the accomplishments that you achieve. For many people to get the success they want requires an active willingness to pursue the change they want to see take place in their life. I will teach your audience that when it comes to success there are no silver bullets. You are your own silver bullet and that requires knowing how to Call The Shot!

Ignite Your BIG Request Chareen to Speak

Ignite Your BIG™: How to Prepare Yourself to Birth Internal Greatness for Leadership!

Genuine leadership is an inside job. While great leadership is seen and experienced on the outside by others, the qualities of true leadership are first developed and cultivated on the inside of you. Effective leadership requires sharpening your diagnostic skills to assess how you can add value and broaden your leadership portfolio to deliver that value. The goal of this workshop is to help you do both. This high-energy fast-paced workshop shows you how to reveal your unique strengths to capitalize on your BIG, pinpoint weaknesses that can hinder the BIG from coming through, and discover opportunities to elevate your leadership. You will actively engage in applying practical tools for igniting your BIG that can help you move into lasting positions of leadership.

Time Integrity Request Chareen to Speak

Time Integrity™: How to Increase the Value of Your Minute.

When you think about time, do you think about it as a very expensive budget item? Do you know the value of your minute? Time is our most valuable asset. We are each given 24 hours every day. No one is given more or less time. The only difference is what we do with the time that we have. What you do with the time you are given can make the difference between mediocre success and extraordinary success. Time Integrity™ is about expanding your capacity, prioritizing your activities, and applying leverage to increase the value of your minute.

3-Point Mastery Request Chareen to Speak

3 Point Mastery™: Discover the 3 Things You Have Absolute Control Over to Create a Life You Love!

Discover the 3 areas of absolute control we have that are master keys to success. When we take ownership and responsibility rather than abdicating control we get to create all the success we desire and a life that we love! I teach my clients these tools of success whether in life, career, or business. If you want an abundance of success and happiness on your terms then you need 3 Point Mastery…, and in this presentation, I will teach your audience how to do just that!

Cherie Price Coleman
Certified Diversity Professional

The “Leadership Mixologist” makes a memorable and lastly impression! As an NWU alumnus, Chareen and I had the pleasure of crossing paths at the October 2014 Northwestern University’s Master in Communication (MSC) 30th Anniversary Symposium. I sat in on Chareen’s workshop “Ignite Your Big: Birth Internal Greatness for Leadership” and was simply knocked over with her fun, high-energy and empowering facilitation of leadership strategies that sharpen one’s ability to diagnose our leadership potential and assesses how we could draw out our potential to deliver authentic value. Because of the favorable first impression I invited Chareen to be a speaker for the IL Diversity Council at our September 9th 2015, monthly meeting. Our second encounter was just as an impactful knowledge transfer where she facilitated to a group of 40 guests on “The Impact Your BIG Makes on Diversity” Explaining how we see and respond to diversity through the lens of our own being. Each of us wants to make a contribution and have our lives matter but the inherent traits that you are born with must first be developed from within you. This is the BIG – Birth Internal Greatness. This lady is a phenomenal and personable orator!

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