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Imagine What You Will Accomplish with One Day Totally Dedicated to You and Totally Uninterrupted!

What You Can Expect

A private VIP Day coaching intensive is designed for aspiring female entrepreneurs and career professionals who need to get to their next level fast and who desire results quickly.

Just think… In just one day of intense coaching, you can achieve more growth in your business or more advancement in your career than you could in a 3 or 4-month time frame!

During our VIP Day together…,

  • We’ll do a deep dive into the current state of your business or career.
  • We’ll then map out a detailed strategy and plan for creating the success you want moving forward.
  • We’ll pinpoint your strengths, identify your weaknesses, and highlight areas where you need to shift your thinking or your way of doing things in order to get the very best results in your business, career, and life.
  • You’ll leave your VIP Day inspired, excited, and encouraged. You’ll step into a new realm of ‘being’ and operating with a clear sense of purpose and direction.
  • You will have an action plan and physical roadmap of your next steps so you become #UNSTOPPABLE.

Scheduling a VIP Day with Chareen is a Breeze!

STEP 1: Choose the VIP Day that works for you!

What’s Included In Your Private VIP Day?

Welcome and Preparation Packet

As soon as you register for your VIP Day, you’ll gain access to the private client portal, MyCoachingSuccess, where you will then receive a Welcome and Preparation Packet that will help you get clear on the goals you want to achieve and the actions you can start to take toward them. 

30-Minute Preparation Call

Preparation is key to ensuring you get the most out of your VIP Day. You’ll receive a 30-minute planning and preparation call so we can finalize any logistical concerns and you can ask any outstanding questions that you may have so that you are completely relaxed, prepared, focused and ready to get to work on your exclusive VIP Day.

Full Day 1:1 with Chareen

If you desire the in-person option, we’ll meet at a convenient location for your private intensive. Your VIP includes refreshments and an energizing meal. If you opt for the Virtual option, you’ll receive a few strategic breaks so you can let the information soak in or implement something we just discussed.

60-Minute Finish Line Call

This end of program call is a 60-minute off-ramp to your private VIP Day coaching intensive and an on-ramp to the next step in building a profitable and sustainable business. Here we will address any outstanding points, address last-minute questions, and handle anything else that needs to be addressed.

STEP 2: Click the button below and schedule a call with Chareen to discuss the possibilities of your exclusive VIP Day.