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Private 1:1 Career Coaching

The Career Pivot Program

A 3-Month Private Career Coaching Program Working 1:1 with Chareen

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After completing just a few working sessions, my level of confidence and capabilities amplified at a such an accelerated rate! I went from working at a company where I was questioning my own worth, capabilities, and future value to accepting an offer from one of the most prestigious consulting firms in the world in less than a month of utilizing Chareen’s coaching services.

Tamila Harris/Organization Transformation Consultant

Prepare Yourself to Make that Pivot in Your Career

Career advancement is a top priority for many working professionals, but I believe it is essential for women. Not only do you want to feel as though you are growing and developing in your current workplace, it’s also important that your hard work is recognized and rewarded too.

So, if you’re hungry for career success it’s time to make that pivot.

Imagine, where you will be in just 3-months when you gain…

  • Elevated leadership skills, confidence, and presence
  • Improved ability to persuade, influence and negotiate for results
  • Enhanced authority and credibility
  • Your own career identity and brand
  • Greater recognition and reward for accomplishments
  • Career advancement and opportunities, including promotions, and higher-level projects

Over the course of the program, you will engage in six distinct activities to shape your desired career pivot.

Features of the Program

The Career Pivot Program


Career Pivot Coaching includes:

  • Chareen working 1:1 with you on your career to address your unique goals and challenges
  • 6 60-minute targeted coaching calls that focus on generating action and results (bi-weekly)
  • 6 15-minute check-in calls to keep your momentum going (bi-weekly)
  • Personalized reviews of your work
  • Targeted training modules with uniquely designed exercises to develop proficiency
  • Access to my exclusive and private client portal “MyCoachingSuccess”

This Sounds Great! How Do I Get Started?

I’m so glad you asked! So here’s the thing. I only take on a few highly-committed private coaching clients each year. This allows me to provide my full dedication and support to coaching them towards igniting their BIG and achieving their BIG goals. If you’re committed to transforming your business, I encourage you to fill out this quick application. If I believe you’re a strong match for the Career Pivot program, I’ll invite you to a 45-minute business strategy consultation where we can talk more about your goals and I’ll answer all of your questions regarding the program details. If, however, I determine it’s not a good fit, I ’ll recommend other resources and options for you. Sound fair?