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Building a successful business demands. . .

  • having a clear vision that deeply inspires you.
  • nailing down your ideal client and the results they’ll get.
  • a magnetizing messaging that speaks to your ideal client.
  • knowing how to package, price, and position your services.
  • systems and structures that generate consistent cash flow and clients.
  • having a fully aligned marketing strategy and brand.
  • stepping up your leadership game.

If the results you expected aren’t happening by now, then it’s time to invest in…

The Business Activation Method

The Business Activation Method™ are the Building Blocks of a Private 1:1 Coaching Program with Chareen

Activation #1: Clarify your business direction.

Clarity is a powerful success compass. Clarity starts and ends with your mindset and vision. Before you can tap into the market you want to serve, you must know where you want to go. Activation #1 involves doing an assessment with me on how you see yourself and what’s possible for you and your business. We are going to set a vision that both stretches and excites you.

Activation #2: Nail down your business niche.

Your niche is the link to your ideal client. It is super important to nail down your niche because it is the filter for all of your marketing. Activation #2 is where time is spent discovering your specific niche, identifying who exactly is your ideal client, and articulating why you are their ideal solution provider. The clearer you are with regard to your target market and niche, the more focused and effective your marketing efforts will be.

Activation #3: Know how to make your cash flow.

Success in business means turning a profit, and the best demonstration of profit is producing positive cashflow – consistently! You need to know all of your numbers and what role they play in the sustainability of your business.  Activation #3 is where we work to connect the dots in your business in order to make your cashflow.

Activation #4: Style your signature system.

To win the trust of your ideal clients, you’ve got to have a clear, step-by-step process that will enable a client to understand how you’ll help them overcome their pain. Activation #4 is where we go over developing your unique signature system. Having a signature system will make you stand out and make your ideal clients feel secure in the results they will get.

Activation #5: Package and price your irresistible offers.

Your gifts, talents, skills, and expertise are the basis for the unique value you bring to your ideal client. It’s key that you know exactly what your uniqueness is and how to articulate it in a way for your ideal client to understand. Activation #5 is where we dig into how you can effectively create packages and price what you know into irresistible offerings that inspire prospective clients to hire you. We also address owning your worth so you can price your work without guilt.

Activation #6: Craft a magnetizing marketing message.

Once you have nailed your niche and are clear on the ideal client you want to serve, it’s time to learn how to communicate to them in their language. This means carefully constructing your positioning, creating your captivating elevator pitch, and crafting your magnetizing messaging. Activation #6 is where work and research are done for your potential clients to self-select into paying for your services because your message is so clear and magnetizing they have already made up in their mind to hire you before they even meet with you.

Activation #7: Launch a strategically aligned marketing campaign.

Once you have the core pieces of your business in place, you can now give yourself fully to creating a marketing strategy that aligns with who you are. Activation #7 is where we focus on developing a marketing strategy so authentic to you that you unknowingly are having a heart-to-heart connection with your ideal clients. It’s here that your fully aligned marketing plan comes to life and lets you give your ideal clients what they want.., a professional who truly sees them and understands them.

Activation #8: Spitfire in your sales conversation.

It can be so disappointing and frustrating when you put a lot of time into marketing your business only to fall flat at closing the sale. If you’re not closing the sale when you are face-to-face with your ideal client, then you have an expensive hobby. Activation #8 is one of the most critical and most powerful levels of business. It is where you learn how to “spitfire” in your sales conversations by serving a solution, so you can close the deal.

Activation #9: Perfect your brand formula.

In today’s online world, you must have a branding formula that fits you and that resonates with your ideal clients. Having an outstanding brand can make all the difference between a prospective client saying “yes” or “no” to your offer. Therefore, you must apply consistent focus on perfecting your brand formula. Activation #9 is where we take a deep-dive into your marketing credentials and your marketing channels. That means pulling back the curtains and looking at everything from your social media, website, landing pages, and every place your brand shows up.

Activation #10: Create a visibility whirlwind.

When it comes to creating success for your business, it’s important that you put yourself out there in a B.I.G. way. This means stepping out of the shadows and getting visible. Nothing adds visibility and credibility to your business better than getting press and building influence. Activation #10 is about being bold and making bold moves to bring visibility to you and your brand. This means being seen as an expert in your field and a thought-leader in the marketplace and on social media.

Activation #11: Turn every gateway into a lead generator.

Having a website is not just about having an online billboard. You want a website that is HQ to your lead generating strategy. It should speak to your ideal clients, win them over with your valuable free offers that get them to opt-in to your mailing list. Your website must not only be aesthetically pleasing, it must be equipped with the crucial functionality to bring in solid leads. Activation #11 focuses on employing strategies and tactics that turn every gateway into a lead generating machine.

Activation #12: Leverage with systems, strategies, and structures.

Every successful business is built upon having proper systems and structures in place that supports how the business creates profits and runs its operations. One-offs…, manual entry…, and “reinventing the wheel” types of work often lead to stress, burnout, overwhelm, and financial loss. At Activation #12, we examine workflow processes and brainstorm various business models to leverage your time and capacity as you bring automation and efficiency to your business.