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Private 1:1 Business Coaching

Business Activation Method Jumpstart

A 30-Day Private Business Coaching Program Working 1:1 with Chareen

Private Business Coaching with Chareen

Chareen is a morally conscious and spiritually driven person and professional that I am privileged to know. She is a trusted advisor to me. From her inspiration and input, I have been able to embrace my challenges and succeed at them. Chareen is smart, savvy and personable which are attributes not commonly paired together. In consideration of working with Chareen, she is full of integrity, very dependable, caring and agile. She is a true asset to have on your team and in your corner.

Kimber Howard, Owner/Operator of The Virtual Assistant Group, Inc.

So now, how would you and your business drastically change with the right activation?


Experts estimate that a person can increase his or her effectiveness anywhere from 50% to 100% and more within 30 days.


What attention are you giving to the growth of your business? Do you have a plan in mind that will turn your business into profit maker?

The Business Activation Method™ are the building blocks of a private 1:1 coaching program with Chareen.

Features of the Program

Business Activation Method (#BAM) Jumpstart


Setting the right goal is the starting point for great achievement. We’ll kick off your program by identifying a breakthrough goal that will make a meaningful difference for your business and launch you much closer to your vision.


Operating your business without a plan leads to loss. This week we’ll work on developing a weekly roadmap that shows you exactly what you need to do each day in your business to achieve your #BAM goal. Also, it’s important to anticipate the obstacles that will show up along your empire building journey towards your #BAM goal achievement. This week is where you will identify them so you can deal with them before they happen.


This is a full 60-minute one-on-one laser coaching session with me to ensure you are fully equipped and ready to implement your #BAM roadmap. On this call, we will address any last minute questions and make any additional tweaks to your roadmap so that you are 100% confident in following it to achieve your #BAM goal.


This end of program call is a 30-minute off-ramp to your (#BAM) Business Activation Jumpstart coaching program and an on-ramp to the next step in building a profitable and sustainable business.


As a coaching client, you will be given exclusive and private access to the client portal MyCoachingSuccess for the duration of your coaching program. This portal allows self-tracking throughout your coaching program. Access to the portal serves as your accountability gauge to stay on track. It’s also a place where you can journal and share your insights, aha’s, challenges and wins. In every coaching session, we will measure progress against program goals, game plan, and action accountabilities from the previous session. I’m sure you’re going to love seeing the progress you make.


  • Gain unusual clarity and focus on the one activation you need right now in your business.
  • Create a profit-making SMART goal that will cause the breakthrough you are looking for.
  • Be proud of yourself and what you bring to the clients you serve.
  • Claim your success and act like it!


  • Your one-time investment in your private Business Activation Method Jumpstart coaching program is $1500.
  • Paying in full saves you $200.
  • A payment plan option is available consisting of 2 payments of $750.
  • The first payment of $750 due upon signing up for the program.
  • The second payment is automatically invoiced and due upon receipt, 2-weeks later.
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Now just imagine...

In 30-days of this jumpstart program, you will have:

  • Activated a critical area in your business.
  • A roadmap to help you navigate towards achieving your #BAM goal.
  • Insights into the possible obstacles that could derail achieving your #BAM goal.
  • A new focus and empowerment about your business success.