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Should You Hire A Career Coach To Help You Achieve Success?

Posted by: Chareen Goodman
Category: Career

What is a Career Coach?

Are you unemployed or looking for a different career? You may benefit from the services of a career coach.

A career coach is someone who can help people reinvent their current career into a new job role, company or industry. A good career coach can also help you navigate the job market to find a job that matches your skills, interests, and needs. And they can help you change careers, which is often a challenging thing to accomplish, and still get paid top dollar.

But not all career coaches are created equally. Here are the ins and outs of employing a career coach.

How to Hire a Career Coach

Today many people are coaches and there really isn’t any qualifying agency or board to certify them uniformly. This means when hiring a career coach it’s important to ask the right questions. You want to hire someone that has the skills and experience to help you accomplish your goals.

EXPERIENCE: What is their experience? How long have they been coaching and how do they help? Do they specialize? Make sure you’re hiring someone who has proven experience as a career coach.

REFERENCES: Do they have references and past clients you can contact? This is important. References and testimonials can say a lot about a career coach. Not only their skills and qualifications but their personality and style. Find a coach that fits what you need.

GUARANTEES: Some coaches offer guarantees. This can be helpful if you’re unsure about hiring someone to help you out. I’m not really a big proponent of giving out guarantees because you how can you deliver a guarantee if you have a person who will not take responsibility or action for the results they want? Just sayin’.

FEES: Fees and how fees are charged vary widely. Some coaches charge by the hour and require a certain number of hours, some charge based on a workshop or a package. Some coaches provide you with materials like workbooks. Others simply coach you over the phone or online. Find out what the fees are and what the coaching process entails.

Making the Decision to Hire a Career Coach

It’s tough sometimes to make a decision to hire someone to help you make a change. It definitely requires a step of faith and commitment to reap the return on investment that comes with hiring a career coach. But the rewards can be quite high. [Read Tamila’s success story.]

If you’re struggling to find that job, get that promotion, or make that career change or if you just want to make the transition process as simple and direct as possible, a career coach may be the ideal solution for you.

Hiring the right career coach can make all the difference in your career success. On the other hand, if you don’t engage a career coach or hire the wrong person it’s not only a waste of your time, it’s a waste of your money.

So I encourage you to spend time researching who might be the right one for you and your needs. Look for someone you like, can easily communicate and open up with, and whose knowledge and experience you respect.

Remember that coaching is a process of helping you to recognize and achieve your goals while positioning you in the best way possible to achieve them. Today, you have to manage your career as if it’s your business – well, because it is.

The power of hiring a career coach is to assist you in removing the barriers that stop you from performing at your best.

So if you are ready to hire a career coach, click the button below to schedule a FREE career consultation and let’s figure out if we’re a good fit for working together.

The Power of Career Coaching

  • “The biggest takeaway from our qualifications discussion was the importance in structuring my words to align with the job description.”
  • “I am excited about taking the initiative to say what it is that I really want out of my role and the organization I am working for (will work for). I feel as if I have more control over my future now that my mindset has shifted to this type of outlook.”
  • “I did reach out to the recruiter at the consulting firm today to see how my interviews went and she noted that she received “fantastic feedback” on my interviews and she’s just waiting for an offer to be approved!”
  • “I am very confident in my decision and I just want to thank you sooooooo much for walking with me throughout this process!”